Ill Be Your Fallen Angel If You Be My Rising Demon

Oct 01


Drop Dead Ned is my creepy friend, a real monstrosity.

He’s always there to chase and scare those bullies who pick on me.

With arms straight out in front of him, he’s zombied to the max!

But he’s a spooky skeleton…when his skin drips off like wax!

Drop Dead Ned….

Sep 30

Hong Kong’s protesters are using the same “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture used in Ferguson
Sep 30

quote There’s a devil in the corner
In candy apple red
Dressed up like a fire
Burning through my head
I got a little closer
And offered her a drink
She took me to the graveyard
And we did the trick or treat.

— Panic at the Disco (via beccaloferski)
Sep 30


[bursts into your room excitedly] ITS ALMOST HALLOWEEN DO THE TRICK OR TREAT

Sep 30


Why did I wait this long to watch a video of ryan ross dancing around wearing toilet paper

Sep 30


Is it too early for this?

Sep 30

the first day of fall is upon us


the first day of fall is upon us

Sep 30


Panic! At The Disco: It’s Almost Halloween

I’m carvin’ pumpkins
And all my friends are wonderin’
What they’re gonna be
The Monster Mash is playin’
You’re movin’ to the beat
And now we’re gonna teach ya
To do the Trick-or-Treat



Sep 30


September 30th


October 1st

Sep 30


lol forget northern downpour and mad as rabbits, it’s almost halloween was literally the last song Ryan and Brendon sang together and the last song from the whole band